To volunteer with the Monday Creek Restoration Project please contact Kylee at kylee@ruralaction.org.

The Monday Creek Restoration Project frequently hosts special events or hands-on watershed restoration projects. Yet no matter how special a project is, it cannot be successful without volunteers to implement the program and see that it reaches its goals. There are several hands-on watershed monitoring projects needing volunteers, including water quality testing and macroinvertebrate sampling. There is also a need for volunteers to staff various history museums and exhibits at county fairs.

Additional volunteer opportunities are also frequently available, and can involve special events planning, such as the Monday Creek Watershed Tour, tree plantings, litter pick-ups, and streambank stabilization projects.

Updates regarding volunteer opportunities will be regularly posted to this site, or noted in MCRP’s newsletter. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, fill out a Volunteer Profile!

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Watershed Day Camps


Watershed Day Camps are held annually at all four of the Rural Action Watershed Offices.  At the camps kids learn about wildlife, history, water quality, recycling, fishing, canoeing and more.  Volunteers are need to assist with the Monday Creek Day Camp July, 2019 . Contact us to find out more.





Biological Monitoring

Fish and aquatic insects (macroinvertebrates) are monitored in Monday Creek to help determine improvements in water quality. MCRP has a volunteer-based, macroinvertebrate sampling project. As ongoing projects such as mine reclamation and streambank stabilization improve the health of the watershed, macroinvertebrate sampling will supply some of the data needed to determine the benefits these activities have on the ecosystem. Like our other water quality monitoring projects, fish and macroinvertebrate sampling programs are designed to serve another purpose just as important: getting the community directly involved with the restoration of our watershed.  Volunteers are needed to assist in the collection of fish and bugs withe seine and dip nets, or assist in collection, identification and re-release of fish during an electrofishing event.  Biological monitoring is typically conducted during July and September. Contact us, or check the “Upcoming Events” page for more information.


Chemical Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality in Monday Creek is monitored year round to determine changes in quality as a result of the restoration efforts.  Volunteers are needed to assist in taking water samples, measure stream flow and record chemical data.   Tim Ferrell, MCRP Water Quality Specialist, should be contacted at tim@mondaycreek.org to find out more about chemical water quality monitoring volunteer opportunities.





Native Tree Planting and Invasive Plant Removal

Volunteers with MCRP have planted over 17,000 hardwood trees on more than 22 acres of abandoned mine lands and reclaimed surface in hopes of reducing erosion and re-vegetating the watershed. Pine trees have been planted on several gob piles, while ash, red oak, white oak, schumard oak, and sycamore trees have been used to establish vegetation elsewhere.

 Stream clean-ups

Monday Creek Restoration Project hosts frequent stream clean-ups throughout the spring and summer as a way to educate local citizens and give back to the community. Local organizations also conduct a yearly ‘stream sweep’ to clean up trash and debris. To date, over two hundred people have participated in these clean-ups and have picked up many tons of trash in the Monday Creek Watershed.



Other Volunteer Opportunities include: trail maintenance, event tabling, window display design, water treatment system maintenance and fundraising events.  Additional ideas welcome!


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