Snake Hollow

Snake Hollow is located in Section 18 of York Township in Athens County and lies within the 14-digit HUC unit #05030204060030. The site encompasses the entire Snake Hollow subwatershed, approximately 500 acres in size. Snake Hollow is a tributary to Monday Creek. Numerous deep mine discharge sites are located on the hillsides around the headwaters and along the stream. The area was stripped at the outcroppings along the ridges where the coal portals from the deep mining had originally been. The design was completed by the U.S. Forest Service (Wayne National Forest).

The treatment approach for this site was to construct approximately two miles of limestone channels (OLC) and two slag leach beds, close nine subsidence holes and two portals and enhance the existing one acre wetland with limestone rock dams. The goal of the design was to reduce acid and metals concentrations discharging into Monday Creek. Approximately 498 lbs/day of acid and 65 lbs/day of metals were prevented from entering into Monday Creek as a result of this AMD reclamation project which was the goal of the project. A major consideration encountered during the design was the documented capture of the Indiana Bat, a nationally endangered species. During the design process, access road costs doubled. Construction was complete December 31, 2004, by Environmental Quality Management for a cost of $740,000. The funding sources were ODNR-DMRM and USFS for both design and construction.

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