Shawnee Steel Slag Leach Bed

Shawnee Steel Slag Bed is located in Section 17 of Salt Lick Township in Perry County and lies within the 14 digit HUC unit #05030204060020. Shawnee Steel Slag Bed reclamation project consists of constructing a steel slag leach bed at the effluent from the Shawnee waste water treatment plant to add alkalinity to Monday Creek. The design was completed by Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Mineral Resources Management ($20,000).

The treatment consists of one 22,800 square foot steel slag bed, 190 linear feet of open limestone channel, and a sand filter to collect suspended solids and algae before entering the steel slag bed. The goal of the design is to boost net alkalinity on the mainstem of Monday Creek to meet an alkalinity target of 30 mg/l and maintain a pH in the 6-9 range for approximately four miles downstream. Construction was complete September 23, 2008 by Tucson, Inc, for a cost of $199,791. The funding sources for this project were ODNR-DMRM for the design and Ohio EPA 319, ODNR-DMRM, and MCRP for construction.

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