Upstream Rock Run Remediation

The project site is located just east of Ohio State Highway 93, between the towns of Shawnee and New Straitsville.The upstream Rock Run drainage was heavily impacted by underground mining practices in the mid 1800’s and again in the 1900’s for strip mining. The drainages are blocked by piles of old mine waste and soils, which have created a bowl-shaped area which traps rainfall and prevents it from flowing out of the area as a stream. In some parts of the drainage, the underground mines have collapsed, causing deep depressions on the surface of the land called subsidences. Water that is captured in these holes, seeps into the underground mines and is released elsewhere as Acid Mine Drainage.

The goal of the project is to construct a healthy functioning riparian corridor, restore water quality, and create an integrated land management strategy, while increasing species diversity and abundance of fish and other aquatic organisms in the streams by improving overall watershed condition. The project will open all blocked drainages to allow water to flow freely from the site, construct a 3 acre pond with drainage to enhance a wetland below the pond, create vernal pools and a prairie meadow, and promote wildlife habitat recovery through the planting of native species. The USFS Monday Creek Restoration Project is working with Monday Creek Restoration Project, Hocking CollegeĀ  and ODNR to complete this project in 2012.

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