Rock Run Gob Pile

Rock Run Gob Pile, which was actually a slurry impoundment, is located in Section 20 of Coal Township in Perry County and lies within the 14 digit HUC unit #05030204060010. The Rock Run Gob Pile is stretched over 17 acres and was located on the north side of the Rock Run tributary. The design was completed by ODNR-DMRM and Damariscotta for $15,000.

The treatment approach for this site was to cover the 17 acre gob pile using standard reclamation methods, covering the gob with a layer of flue gas desulfurization, and installing a 3,200 Sq. ft. Successive Alkalinity Producing System (SAPS) was used to treat the acid mine drainage emitting from a deep mine at the back of the property. The goal of the design was to reclaim the gob pile and reduce metals and acid loadings from the mine drainage. The project goal was met by reducing acidity to net alkaline conditions at station RR02100 and increasing the pH. Major considerations encountered during the design process was the mine drainage exiting the SAPS (approximately 10% of the water exiting the site) couldn’t be separated from the gob pile reclaim. The valley was too small to accommodate and separate the run off from the SAPS treatment cells so an open limestone channel (OLC) was lined to carry the drainage off site after treatment. Construction was complete September 1, 1999 by Stimmel Brothers Construction for a cost of $274,500. The funding sources for this project were for both the design and construction: ODNR-DMRM, EPA-319, and OSM-ACSI.

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