Rock Run 24

Rock Run 24 is located in Section 20 of Coal Township in Perry County and lies within the 14-digit HUC unit #05030204060010. The site is located on the north side of the headwaters of Rock Run tributary. An abandoned deep mine seep originated in a side hollow and then discharged into Rock Run. The design was completed by Red Wing Engineering for $25,840.

The treatment approach for this site was to install 800 linear feet of open limestone channel (OLC). The goal of the design was to reduce acidity concentration by 36 percent. The project goal was met 100 percent at station MC00800, 1.5 miles downstream. However, at the project discharge RR00780, acidity concentrations only decreased by 29 percent. Major considerations encountered during the design process were landowners concerns and less than 10 percent slope for OLC. The original design was changed from a Reverse Alkaline Producing System (RAPS) to an OLC due to private landowner and U.S. Forest Service liability issues (i.e. flooding). Construction was complete September 17, 2001, by Burr Oak Excavating for a cost of $71,281. The funding sources for this project were ODNR-DMRM and OSM-ACSI for both the design and construction. Approximately 80 lbs/day of acid and 3 lbs/day of metals were prevented from entering into Rock Run tributary and Monday Creek as a result of this AMD reclamation project.

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