Lost Run Subsidence Closures

Lost Run Subsidence and Portal Closures are located in Section 33 of Coal Township in Perry County and lies within the 14 digit HUC unit #05030204060010. The site footprint is approximately 250 acres and is located in the Lost Run subwatershed, a tributary to Monday Creek. The Wayne National Forest partnered with the Monday Creek Restoration Project and the ODNR-DMRM to close ten subsidence and portal features in this subwatershed. The design was completed by USFS engineers for approximately $7,000.

The treatment approach was to seal the mine entries to keep water on the surface and for safety purposes. The goal of the design was to keep water out of the underground mine complexes, eliminating the generation of acid mine drainage. Approximately 100 acres of drainage area were restored from captures and 3,280 linear feet of limestone channels were installed. During the design process, two additional holes opened up, and engineers changed the design to allow for additional work. By closing these ten features, a 100- acre drainage area was restored, allowing clean surface water to return to Lost Run and decrease 35,000,000 gallons/yr of water from entering the deep mine and becoming acid mine drainage at deep mine discharges in Lost Run and Sycamore Hollow. The project goal was met by 100 percent. Construction was complete November 1, 2007 by D. J. Group for a cost of $321,900. The major responsibility of the construction company was to perform tasks outlined in the plans and specifications to close all subsidence and portals. The USFS provided funding for both the design and construction of this project.

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