Jobs Hollow Doser

Jobs Hollow Doser is located in Section 5 of Salt Lick Township in Perry County and lies within the 14-digit HUC unit #05030204060010. The site is located in the headwaters of Monday Creek Watershed downstream of Jobs Hollow at the bridge on Portie Flamingo Road (CR 12).This basin contains approximately 13 small tributaries, most of which are affected by acid mine drainage. The major contributors of acidity are from diffuse deep mine seeps and numerous gob piles. Due to the diffuse and abundant AMD sources and their inaccessibility, a doser was the most practical and efficient method for treatment. The design was completed by ATC Associates for $66,916.50.

The treatment approach for this site was to install a lime doser. The goal of the design was to decrease acid load from the headwaters of Monday Creek by 54 percent. The project goal was met 100 percent. One major consideration encountered during the design process was that the dosing unit is located adjacent to an intermittent tributary of Monday Creek. Therefore a retention pool was created to create a constant supply of water to the doser. Construction was complete July, 20, 2004 by Tuson Inc. for a cost of 319,066.50. Funding sources for this project were ODNR-MRM, OSM-ACSI and OEPA-319 for design and ODNR-DMRM and OSM-ACSI for construction. Approximately 691 lbs/day of acid was reduced from entering into Monday Creek as a result of this AMD reclamation project. Dissolved metal load reduction occurring at this site was approximately 97lbs/day. The metals precipitate as a result of the high pH water and become part of the substrate.

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