Grimmett Hollow

Grimmett Hollow is located in Section 4 of Salt Lick Township in Perry County and lies within the 14-digit HUC unit #05030204060010. The project site is five acres and located on Grimmett’s Property in the headwaters of Jobs Hollow, the project discharge is measured at the bridge on CR223. This area was affected by abandoned strip mining, deep mining, and a remnant gob pile. The valley contained a wetland that received water from both strip pits and deep mines in the area. The gob pile (see Watershed Glossary) was situated in the stream channel downstream of the wetland. The design was completed by Red Wing Engineering for $19,000.

The treatment approach for this site was to enhance an existing 1.3-acre wetland with two rock dams (300 linear feet), incorporated with alkaline material (LKD) as well as install (500 linear feet) open limestone channels (OLC) at seep locations and regrade, soil and vegetate a gob pile (0.15 acres). A stream was routed away from the gob pile via the open limestone channel. The goal of the design was to decrease acidity by 13.6 tons per year. The project goal was met by 100 percent. Major considerations encountered during the design process were the diffuseness of the AMD sources from above drainage underground mines, numerous seep discharges in the basin, gob pile and spoil deposited in wetland, and a stream flowing through the gob pile. Construction was complete Dec. 31, 2003 by Perry Reclaiming Inc. for a cost of $160,000. The funding sources for this project were ODNR-MRM and EPA-319 for both design and construction. Approximately 94 lbs/day of acid and 7 lbs/day of metals were prevented from entering into Jobs Hollow and Monday Creek as a result of this AMD reclamation project.

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