Essex Doser

Essex Doser is located in Section 18 of Ward Township in Hocking County and lies within the 14 digit HUC unit #05030204060040. The site is located along Sycamore Hollow, State Route 216. Abandoned underground deep mines and subsidence captures surround the area and discharge AMD into Sycamore Run through an open mine portal adjacent to State Route 216. Sycamore Hollow is a tributary to Snow Fork. The design was completed by ATC Associates for a cost of $32,320.

The treatment plan was to install a lime doser. A problem encountered during design was that the funding for this project was originally intended to address Murray City Seeps. However, the village of Murray City would not sign a right-of-entry form, so the project was moved to Essex Mine, a site upstream of Murray City. The goal of the design was to neutralize acidity discharging from Essex Mine. The project goal, as indicated from initial post-construction sampling, has been met 100 percent. A major consideration encountered during the design was the close proximity of the doser to State Route 216. Construction was complete March 31, 2006, by AWT Services Inc. for a cost of $287,400. The funding sources for this project were ODNR-DMRM and EPA-319 for both the design and construction. Approximately 724 lbs/ day of acid was reduced from entering into Sycamore Hollow and Snow Fork as a result of this AMD reduction project. In addition to the acid loading reduction measured at this site, there was approximately 871 lbs/day of alkaline addition to the headwaters of Sycamore Hollow. Total metal load reduction occurring at this site was approximately 159 lbs/day. The metals precipitate as a result of the high pH water and became part of the substrate. The doser was turned off during 2008 and will possibly be moved in the future to a site where it will be more effective.
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